Annual (2014) Insights of China’s Window Door Industry


Aluminum Window Door Facade Expo (Windoor Expo in short) showcases its market insight of the aluminum window, door and facade industry in China in November 2014.


Opportunities for quality window and door systems are increasing in China, disproving rumors in the mainstream media of slowed down growth and other apparent declining trends. A recent market review by Windoor Expo has proven that demand for building envelope materials, solutions and products has, in fact, risen.


China’s policies are known to be rigorous and effective. The latest anticipated regulations by Windoor Expo would create the following industry trends:

1) Innovation driven energy efficient solutions
2) Durable materials
3) Transition towards global certifications for solutions


Energy Efficiency

Housing pre-2000 was built to solve demand issues. Today, with increased energy prices and energy conscious policies, priorities are changed. Corporations and corporate identity enterprises are adopting the current trend for ‘green’ buildings, which are cost effective as well as environmentally conscious image boosters for the company. In the past, property owners would focus on low building costs and high rental and sales margins (not considering energy bills that would be paid by the tenant), however today the public image of the company is of greater importance.


Durable Materials
With the need for occupation declining and less demand for new housing, property owners are required to provide added value to renters and buyers. In addition, western construction companies and 5-star hotels have raised the level of common understanding of basic building envelope materials.


Global Certifications

Whilst the Chinese market is stepping up, building material suppliers are also improving. The era of mass produced, generic products seem to be nearing its end. Chinese suppliers want to enter the international market, which means complying with western energy and building standards. This yields a challenge for current western market leaders, as equivalent high-quality Chinese large volume alternatives will be available for buyers in the international market space.


The adaption of global certifications in China will also increase the competiveness and innovation of the Chinese fenestration companies and brands. U values of products have halved in urban cities in China. This is significant as it is predicted that by 2020, half of China’s 1.2 billion populations will live in urban areas. Consequently, domestic demand for public properties (social housing, schools, public buildings, etc.) and high quality properties (villas, CBD buildings, special projects, hospitality, etc.) will create opportunities for both domestic and international vendors and brands in windows, doors, facades and sun shielding.


Windoor Expo Insights Conclusion

Despite the “so-called decline” of building progress in China, we see a huge surge of growth in quality solutions, innovations, and high-end products to solve energy challenges and fill the rising demand of branded and high-end solutions.


In the Chinese market we see an increased buying trend from Africa, Australia, India, Russia and the U.A.E. and where the demand of quality products is not dominated by western brands that have penetrated local building distribution channels.


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