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Show Name: The 30th Window Door Facade Expo China

Dates: March 11 to 13, 2024

Venue: Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou

Co-Located Event: The Architecture Technology Conference

Over 80,000 Visitors in Last Edition

The 29th Window Door Facade Expo China took place alongside the Architecture Technology Conference at the PWTC, Guangzhou from April 7 to 9, 2023. The events attracted 88,450 visits. 

Featured Exhibitors 

Comprehensive Industrial Supply Chain for Window, Door and Façade

Aluminum-Alloy Window Door: soundproof window door, insulating window door, wind-resistant window door, waterproof window door, bulletproof window door, anti-theft window door, and window screens 
Materials: aluminum window door, aluminum-plastic composite window, aluminum-wood composite window, fiberglass window door, plastic steel window door, and multi-functional energy efficient window 
Smart Window Door: security window door, ventilation window door, dimmable window door, and electric shutter window door 
Custom Design: villa custom window door and high-end custom window door
Software: window door design software and window door management system

Profiles: aluminum construction profiles, aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum wood profiles, stainless steel profiles, plastic steel profiles, and composite profiles
Insulation: broken bridge aluminum heat insulation strips, PA66 heat insulation strip, nylon heat insulation strip, flame retardant heat insulation strip, plastic isolation bridge, LEF heat insulation strip, angle glue and other thermal insulation materials
Surface Treatment: aluminum surface treatment, architectural coating, and powder coating

Metal Facade: anodized aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum composite panel, enamel steel plate, aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate, titanium zinc plate, etc.
Non-Metallic (except glass) Facade: stone, wood, ceramic board, Trespa, artificial stone panel, UHPC, GRC, FRP, ECP cement board, exterior wall coating, stone honeycomb board, high-pressure heat-curing wood fiberboard, fair-faced concrete, etc.
Glass Facade: electrochromic glass, U-shaped glass, hollow louver glass, LOW-E glass, fireproof glass, coated glass, etc. 
Smart Facade: LED photoelectric glass curtain wall, smart louvers, etc. 
Photovoltaic Facade: building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), photovoltaic roof, etc.

Facade Hardware: barge joints, adapters, barge claws, ribbed barge claws, clamps, glass clamps and column hardware 
Exterior Hardware: handle and MA lock
Functional Hardware: transmission gear shell, driveline parts, lock point lock base, hinge, pulley, and miscellaneous hardware and accessories
Hardware Set: inner opening and inner inverted window, outer casement window, lift and slide door, and folding door
Door Hardware: small hardware, smart lock, big handle, door closer, lock, and floor spring

Facade sealant, construction sealant, polyurethane, silicone adhesive, glass glue, styrofoam, silane modified sealant, eco-friendly glue, waterproof glue, two-component adhesive, acrylic glue, MS glue, pneumatic glue gun, electric extrusion tooling, etc.

Fire-resistant window door, fireproof window door, fire-resistant glass, fire-retardant glass, fire-resistant coatings, fire-resistant sealing strips, fire-resistant intumescent strips, fire-retardant coating coatings, fireproof sealing strips, fire-resistant intumescent strips, etc.

Profile Processing Machine: extrusion machine, extrusion stretch straightening machine, drilling equipment, tapping machine, cutting machine, etc.
Facade Equipment: electric welding machine, impact drill, electric hammer, electric hand drill, milling machine, table drill, aluminum profile cutting machine, glue gun, stone cutting machine, marble machine, etc.
Glass Processing Equipment: edge cutting machine, edge grinding machine, drilling equipment, coating machine, tape making machine, cleaning machine, polishing machine, etc.
Window Door Processing Equipment: handle, angle roll forming machine, punching machine, angle code cutting saw, cutting machine, extrusion machine, coating machine, etc.

Architecture Technology Sector - Empowering High-Performance Building Design

Polaris Award-Winning Products

The award-winning products focusing on new products, new technology and new materials in comprehensive industrial supply chain will be showcased. The jury consists of experts from various fields of the construction industry and chooses winners from the shortlisted entries launched in year 2023 to 2024. 

Innovative Architecture Projects 

It’s a platform for architects to find inspiration, stimulate creativity, and display their inspiring concepts, innovative projects and selection of materials, empowering the high-quality development of construction with design.

Concurrent Event - Industry Pioneers X Trending Topics 

This conference hosts some of today’s biggest names, most influential practitioners, and leading voices that share their inspiring case studies and brilliant ideas about high-quality large-scale public buildings, super high-rise buildings, and internet well-known projects, which will create a connection feast for industry players to communicate and discuss. 

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