The 2021-2022 Application of Polaris Award Officially Started


Innovation is Eternal

Architecture & Technology Polaris Award



Polaris, 2,000 times brighter than the sun, has been for thousands of years for mankind to guide the direction and explore the world. The North Star Organizing Committee hopes that the spirit of innovation can be as firm, persistent and eternal as the North Star.

The trophy of the Polaris Award Top 10 is a little golden bear, because Ursa Minor is the constellation of Polaris, and the brightest star in the constellation is the current Polaris. α also has the meaning of leadership. The organizing committee hopes that innovative companies can play a leading role and lead the development of the industry.


Polaris Award (A Public Benefit Award)

The Polaris Award is based on the concept of "Innovation is eternal", and it selects the annual innovative products of the construction industry. It is the largest and most authoritative award in the construction field that focuses on promoting innovation.

The Polaris Award is dedicated to the promotion of innovative products in the entire construction field and builds a bridge for commercial cooperation for the award-winning products. The awards cover a variety of communication designs, including forums, publications, exhibitions, etc. The annual Polaris exhibition attracts tens of thousands of developers and design engineering companies to come.

▲2021 Polaris Award Exhibit Area


Application of Polaris Award Started




Product Scope

New Materials
>Facades:Facade materials, exterior wall coatings, decorative accessories, doors, windows, thermal insulation materials, balconies, smart facade, etc.
>RoofingRoof systems, roof machinery, roof planting, overhead separation materials, planting media, waterproof materials, etc.
>Building Energy Technology:Materials, fresh air systems, solar heat collection, photovoltaics, energy biofuels, solar systems, etc.
>Building Intelligent Technology:Lighting concept, smart community, smart security, elevator, smart housekeeper, building automation, etc.
>Wall/Floor/Ceiling:Materials, tiles, wallpaper, plaster, carpet, floor, ceiling decoration, etc.
>Intelligint Manufacturing:Equipment, construction equipment, prefabricated buildings, construction robots, etc.

New Design

Building renovation, facade engineering, structural engineering, fire protection and risk engineering, etc.


Judging lineup

The Polaris Award jury is composed of expert representatives in the fields of architecture, facade, real estate, interior design and brand communication.

▲2021 Polaris Award Final Evaluation Expert Jury

Innovative works that perform well in the following areas will be favored by the jury
>Overall concept, design quality, aesthetics
>Environmental quality, social compatibility
>Materials and details, manufacturing process and quality
>Ergonomics, functionality, user-friendliness
>Safe, barrier-free accessibility
>Sustainability, durability

>Energy efficiency, link compatibility



>Polaris Award
 Annual Outstanding Innovation Award-winning Products

>Polaris Award Top 10

  Among the award-winning products for outstanding innovation of the year, the ultimate speech contest will be held on March 10, 2022, and will compete for the TOP 10 of the year.

>Award Winning Benefits

Participation Requirements

>For products launched on January 1, 2021 and later
>One company can submit up to 3 products for evaluation
Participating products can only be submitted online

Application and Inquiry

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133-8009-3357  黄老师





Date:March 11-13, 2022
Location:PWTC & NICEC, Guangzhou, China


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