Roofing Expo Asia, IRE's First Show in Asia


The International Roofing Expo (IRE) is the world's largest and oldest roofing material exhibition. It circulates in various cities in the United States every year, represents the latest products, value-added services and innovative ideas in the field of global roofing materials and technologies. It brings together top domestic and foreign investment developers, urban planning and design institutions, engineering companies, and new technology and new material suppliers.


In March 2022, IRE will be the first to enter Asia to hold the "Roofing Expo Aisa".


In 2022, WINDOOR and IRE have reached a cooperation!


On March 10, 2021, at the Westin Pazhou, Guangzhou, China, many industry leaders, experts, leading enterprises and other distinguished guests witnessed this historical moment!


Ms. Xie Lihui, general manager of Guangzhou JianKe Citiexpo Co Ltd, solemnly announced: "In March 2022, IRE will officially settle in Guangzhou and be held together with the WINDOOR Facade Expo!"

Xie Lihui, General Manager of Guangzhou JianKe Citiexpo Co Ltd

In March next year, we will see the world's most advanced roofing technology and materials here! See you in Guangzhou in 2022!



IRE Asia Project


Exhibit Range


Roofing System

Roof and insulation system, roof fastener system, prefabricated parts for construction, metal structure, steel structure, membrane structure, tensile membrane, building tensile structure


Roofing Equipment

Brick and tile making machinery; roofing material manufacturing and processing equipment; scaffolding and roofing equipment; other roof construction machines



Roof planting

Waterproof materials, drainage boards, siphon drainage systems, metal alloy waterproofing membranes, planted roof systems, etc. specially used for planting roofs



Overhead Separation Material

Plastic hydrophobic board, plastic overhead board, ecological overhead body, overhead net, grass planting grid, etc.



Planting Medium

Light mixed nutrient soil, light long-term nutrient soil, light humus soil, synthetic soil, etc.



Waterproof Materials

Green base waterproofing membrane, polymer waterproofing membrane, waterproof coating, rigid waterproofing and plugging materials


Two exhibitions plus one conference, connecting the resources of the entire industry chain in one-step


The International Roofing Expo

August 10-12, 2021, Las Vegas, USA
March 11-13, 2022, NICEC, Guangzhou, China



China's first exhibition focusing on the new products of window door and facade. Find better new products at Windoor Facade Expo.


Architecture & Technology Conference

3000+ developers, top architectural design companies, and architects gather to discuss hot topics such as future smart buildings, green buildings, energy-saving buildings, old city renovation, building fire protection, curtain wall design, etc.


Exhibition Background

In the post-epidemic era, the commercial market of construction industry is recovering and high-quality has become a trend.  


According to the statistics of the Crane Real Estate Research Center, domestic land supply in the first half of 2020 fell by 10% year-on-year. To ensure a stable land market, the pace of land supply in the second half of the year has been significantly accelerated. The increase in land means that new construction projects will also increase. Coupled with the resumption of construction of projects that were stagnant during the epidemic, it is expected that in early 2021, the construction industry will usher in a centralized bidding and start-up phase.


With the development of China's economy, people's consumption levels and consumption concepts have changed, and the trend towards high-quality buildings is an irreversible trend. The exterior skin of buildings (doors, windows, facadess, roofs) is the personality and label of the building. Only innovative design, technology, and materials can bring a leap in quality.


About Us

Guangzhou JianKe Citiexpo Co Ltd  

Informa Markets is the world's largest exhibition group and a member company of the FTSE 100 Index listed on the London Stock Exchange. It holds 200+ exhibitions worldwide every year. Committed to linking the world's best resources, promoting the iterative update of products, and the upgrading of industrial interaction.

Guangzhou City Bo Jianke Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Informa Markets. It will comprehensively organize IRE to settle in China, which will be held in the same place as the 28th WINDOOR FACADE EXPO CHINA. The Roofing Expo Asia will bring the rich international resources into China, creating a benchmark for exhibitions in the field of building exterior, promoting innovation, linking the latest resources at home and abroad, and helping the high-quality development of domestic construction.



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International Roofing Expo (IRE)
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Architecture & Technology Conference

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