More New Products and Technologies at WINDOOR FACADE EXPO 2021



The 27th WINDOOR FACADE CHINA EXPO was successfully held in PWTC, Guangzhou, China during 11-13 March, with more than 700 exhibitors, and 8exhibit sectors in 100,000 exhibit space.

Highlight 1: Re(Make) Surface, thematic exhibition jointly curated by top architects and facade designers, focusing on the latest building materials and technologies, and recreating the architectural surface through new designs.

Highlight 2: The awarded products of Polaris Award, which drives innovation in the construction industry, was displayed and attracted many industry leaders and experts to come and exchange ideas.

Highlight 3: The Architecture and Technology Conference, the concurrent event of WINDOOR FACADE EXPO, invited more than 100 experts to share innovation, technology and experience of the latest projects worldwide, pointing out the future direction of the architecture development.

Re(Make) Surface Exhibit Sector:

Project display from 8 leading architecture institutes

1 Floor: Luo Yi Building Technology Co., Ltd.

2 Floor: O-office Architects

2+ Floor: AUBE Conception

2+ Floor: IAPA PTY. LTD.

2+ Floor: Guangdong Architectural Design & Research Institute

2+ Floor: Shing & Partners Design Group

3 Floor: Shenzhen Cube Design

3 Floor: Shenzhen Multiarch Architectural Design and Consulting Co., Ltd.

Polaris Award Exhibit Sector

Showcasing annual innovative products

Architecture and Technology Conference: More Professional, More In-depth

On March 12th, the Architecture and Technology Conference kept up with the current trends and had more in-depth discussions focusing on wind resistance of large public building, urban renewal, window door and facade digitalization.

March 12:Urban Renewal by Merging Culture with Commerce

March 12:Facade Design & Construction Technology & Innovation

March 12:Top of Architectures - Technology Innovation in Glass & Metal Roof

March 12:REMAKEThe New Surface of Building, The Technological Revolution

March 12:Windoor China · Smart Manufacturing Seminar

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