0 Damage and Anti-seismic Anchor, the Core Technology of Facade


For modern large buildings, facade is not only a necessary part but also an important sign of modern, beauty, livability, energy-saving, low-carbon, safety to the city’s architecture. The facade itself is not weight-bearing. Stone or ceramic plates are fasten to the facade, like a curtain hanging to the body of building.

Anchors are Widely Used in Facade Construction

The technique of facade connected by anchors is currently recognized as the best construction technology of building facade,having a multiple of advantages in technology, economy, construction plan feasibility etc. The annual growth rate of the facade is 20% in China, and most of the high-rise stone facade adopts this technique.

So in other words, the development of facade boosts the anchors technology, and the development of anchor leads to more diverse and safe facades.

Key Part behind Facade

The anchors is the core weight-bearing fastener of stone facade, so the technology and quality of the anchor will directly affect the quality of the facade. Facades in China have changed a lot in the past 10 years, from heavy to lighter plate and structure, from less variety to more types of plates and colors, with higher safety performance, more flexible and convenient construction technology, as well as higher waterproof performance, longer life span.

But no matter how facade develops, “safety” and “beauty” are two major factors will never change.

Leading the Way of Facade Development

It’s no hard to achieve the quality requirement of anchor products, but the value of good products always standout by pursuing perfection.

One of the Winning Product of the 5th Windoor Facade Innovation Award

The new product from Fischer - Ceramic Plate Anchor, which is suitable for the ceramic plate as thin as 10mm, showcases their great performance in the project of “Museum of Chinese Ceramics and Glass”. The Museum of Chinese Ceramics and Glass is one of the key architectures of Zibo Cultural Center. In front of the museum is the shape of dome kiln, which represents the image of the ancient Zibo as a ceramics center.

Instead of stone, the facade of dome kiln uses ceramic plates produced locally in Zibo, and the thickness of ceramic plate is only 12mm. Traditional way is hard to meet the requirement, but Fischer’s anchors managed to do this. It passed through all the drawing and shearing force test from The China Building Materials Institute, both ensuring the security and the aesthetic requirements.

Prudential, another top brand in the industry, it is well known for super good quality, and has passed the European ETA, EU’s CE Certification and other international tests.

In 2013, the extension project of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse was launched, and the core requirement of the project was safety. Prudential‘s technology avoids the problems of panel damage when striking anchors, invisible cracks and weak ability to screw in the anchor locking, and is finally selected by the owner, technical consultant and supervisor.

As an important part to connect facade, anchors will have more development in the future.

Here we also look forward that more enterprises, excellent new products and new technologies will come together at Windoor Expo China 2020. If you want to see more new products and exchange ideas with global top brands like Fischer (Booth No. 1D23) and Prudential (Booth No. 1A52), click here to register.

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