Industrial Big Data: Energy-saving Building Facade has Become a Trend


As for the building, facade is the first impression given to the outside world, which includes exterior walls, roofs, side windows and exterior doors that resist wind and rain, temperature changes, solar radiation, etc. It is the appearance of the building, and it directly reflects the internal quality of the building and give a straight expression to the architectural character and style.

Nowadays, with the development of the construction industry and the advocation of green and environmental protection, building facade is also developing in a better direction, bringing great benefits to the urban environment and human settlement.

Green, Environmentally Friendly, Energy-saving has Become the Strongest Trend for Building Facade

At present, the leading technologies of facade worldwide are all focusing on the environmental protection and energy saving. New concept even believe curtain walls should not only save energy, but also produce capacity. For example, photovoltaic curtain wall uses photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into electricity, which is a kind of clean energy source.

Facades have a fundamental impact on building energy consumption, environmental performance, indoor air quality, and user comfort. Usually, increasing the expense of traditional enclosure structure can only contribute 3% -6% to the total investment value, while energy saving one can reach 20% to 40%.

Therefore, in a modern society where the energy shortage and environmental pollution is increasingly serious, it’s quite urgent for the construction of real estate to enter a new era of environmental protection and low energy consumption.

The Application of New Materials and Technologies Make Environmentally Friendly Facade More Diversed

Environmentally friendly facade can be found easily in construction today. For example, various innovative shading devices can not only make the building more artistic, but also bring better shading effect; super large size vacuum glass can meet the thermal insulation requirements of tall buildings; lonic interlayer film with laminated glass can meet the force requirements of large-sized glass under strong wind force; and many kinds of metal plates and ceramic plates are fireproof, durable and easy to maintain.

The continuous development of new materials and technologies is a unshakable development direction for building facade, providing great technical support to create energy saving building.

The Fire Protection Standards for Facades are Getting Higher and Higher

As the public and government continuously paying more attention to the fire prevention, future buildings not only have to meet the requirements of fire-resistant grade in materials, but also to consider the requirements of fire prevention and fire extinguishing when designing the facades.

For example, the installation of fixed or semi-fixed fire extinguishing and cooling system on the roof should be able to solve the facade fire prevention problem effectively without affecting the overall appearance of the architecture.

Intelligent Facade is Ready to Become Mainstream

In an era of high technology, “intelligent” is absolutely a key word of many industry. The forward-looking architectural design will of course take the first time with this intelligent trend to create a new technological model of building intelligence.

Take “Kiefer Technic Showroom” as an example. It’s a display zone of office and dynamic intelligent shading system. The whole building is like a “moving sculpture”, which can move intelligently according to the difference of time, temperature and weather of the day.

While its facade can react intelligently to the outdoor environment, and optimize indoor air, lighting, shading and noise reduction at the same time. Besides, different appearance effects give a feeling of dynamic aesthetic and make the building attractive.

This is a good presentation of product innovation and architectural aesthetics, and a good inspiration for the development of intelligent building facade.

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