The 28th Window Door Facade Expo China 2022

March 11-13, 2022 | PWTC & NICEC, Guangzhou, China

Suzhou Ruixing Laser Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd., located in the beautiful shore of Taihu Lake in Suzhou, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of laser indus


Suzhou Ruixin Laser Inteligent Equipment Co.,Ltd


flying laser marker; UV-LASER, CO2 laser

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Company Profile
Suzhou Ruixin Laser Inteligent Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a research and development of inteligent equipment of laser industry,production,sales of high-tech Enterprises.The company has gathered a number of high-precision technical talents who have been engaged in laser field for more than 20 years.In the laser industrial equipment manufacturing industry, it has precipitated deep technical and cultural deposits, the company has developed experience for many years, and customized special laser equipment for customers.We will continue to apply our professional knowledge, research results and our continuous innovation spirit to provide customers with the best products and the best service. The main products include: laser marking, laser engraving, laser online printing, laser welding, laser drilling, laser cutting, laser heat treatment, laser cladding, laser custom processing, laser etching; Products used in building materials industry, machinery manufacturing, IT manufacturing industry, electronic industry, the mobile phone industry, food industry, all kinds of tools industry, medical equipment industry, plastic industry, motor industry, glasses manufacturing, integrated circuits, craft gifts, clothing accessories, shoes and hats processing, computer manufacturing, science and education demonstration, auto parts, integrated circuits, lithium battery, optical communication devices, precision instrument and various kinds of special precision machining industry. Suzhou Ruixin Laser intelligent equipment co., LTD. Is a manufacturer of flight laser equipment, which is combined with plastic extruding industry manufacturers, and its products are now sold to dozens of countries and regions abroad. At the same time, the company also designs intelligent production line for industrial production, and has already built many automated intelligent production lines for many customers, and has been widely used in the domestic automobile industry, electric appliance industry and so on. Suzhou Ruixin company adhere to the customer demand as the center, product technology as the core, the service for the determination of the operating guidelines, to technological innovation, product innovation and excellent service for the purpose of the idea, to create a first-class international laser intelligent equipment manufacturing company to struggle
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