The 28th Window Door Facade Expo China 2022

March 11-13, 2022 | PWTC & NICEC, Guangzhou, China

Tianchen machinery is the greatest manufacturer of all kind of window, door and curtain wall processing machines, with large sales and service net. Jinan Tianchen aluminum machines have already equipped 7,000 window & door manufacturing enterprises and hundred aluminum curtain wall manufacturing enterprises in China, and the China market share is over 40%. We are looking forward to meeting you at 2020WINDOOR exhibition with our latest machines!




aluminum window and door processing equipment; curtain wall processing equipment; aluminum-wood composite window processing equipment; thermal break profile processing equipment; solar module processing equipment; glass steel window and door processing eq

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Company Profile
Tianchen as a world famous brand in China, in 1999 by the Ministry of construction and other five ministries as a national chemical building materials is advanced and collective, in which the five products are included in the Ministry of construction, construction of key projects to promote scientific and technological achievements, two products of Ministry of science and technology was included in the national torch plan project. The spirit of doing new, guiding ideology to do, Tianchen technology has always been at the forefront of the industry, in cooperation with Shandong University set up Shandong University Tianchen aluminum equipment research center, and adopted the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and 3A national level standardization of good conduct business certification, obtained the right of import and export. 2012 by Tianchen draft national standards machining center GB/T28390-2012 promulgated and implemented, in 2013 won the Shandong province Tianchen advanced enterprises, Shandong innovative private enterprise and Jinan innovative enterprise, Jinan city intellectual property standards enterprise honorary title, in 2014 was named Jinan City high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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