As China’s first non-profit window door and facade innovation award, “China Windoor Facade Innovation Award” was launched by Aluminum Window, Door and Curtain Wall Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association and Guangzhou Jianke Citiexpo Co., Ltd in 2014.

With the core of “Selection of New Products and Technologies”, this Award focuses on the most cutting-edge advanced technology and new market trends in the industry, and is the “Engine” of the door, window and curtain wall industry.

China Windoor Facade Innovation Award adheres to the vision of “For Better Architecture, For Better Life”, and has “Enabled” innovation in the industry over the past five years. Since its establishment, the Award has been highly recognized by the participating enterprises and industries for its just, righteous and professional review process.

Development History

Market-oriented, emerged at the right moment
Window and door haze control PM2.5, sustainable concern
Energy-saving door and window design, international brand campaign

Technical quality innovation, focus on living environment
Intelligent technology convergence, wait for you to join
New Product Release, new upgrade


Windoor Facade Innovation Award · Innovation Award
Windoor Facade Innovation Award · Best of Best Award (Top 10 from Innovation Award winners)


1. All the enterprises that have new products launched on the market after January 1, 2019 and have intellectual property rights of product design can apply for the review.
2. The participating enterprises are required to have good business performance, spirit the contract and sincerity, and have no major economic disputes.

Methods of Participation

1. Fill in Innovative Product Review Form and send to:
2. No more than three products may be submitted by one participating enterprise.
Notes: The organizers reserve the right to cancel the qualification of any candidate who fails to submit complete review materials or fails to submit the review materials in accordance with the rules.

Review Standards

Innovative, functional, safe & reliable, high quality, aesthetic , green ecological and environmental protection.

Review Process

1. Start-up Date of Review: July 1, 2019
2. Deadline for Review: December 31, 2019
3. Initial review: the whole year 2019 (The award-winning information will be announced 7 working days after submission of the product information)
4. Select booth or showcase: After the enterprise wins the prize, the organizer will actively contact you and guide your company to choose individual booth or showcase in public gallery (the enterprises that do not display products in the exhibition will be deemed to automatically give up the award-winning qualification).
5. Product display: The review committee will publish the award-winning list of “the 6th China Windoor Facade
6. Innovation Award (2019-2020)” on the official WeChat account and official website of the organizing committee on January 1, 2020

Final review: On March 4, 2020, the representatives of the expert jury will evaluate the award-winning products of “the 6th China Windoor Facade Innovation Award (2019-2020)”.Ten winners of “Innovative Product Best of Best (2019-2020)”will be selected on the spot.

The final review results will be sealed by the organizer and presented to the chairman of the expert jury at the award ceremony of China Windoor Facade Innovation Award 2020 and then unsealed and announce by the chairman.

Awards and Honors

1. The enterprises which are selected in “the 6th China Windoor Facade Innovation Award (2019-2020)” will win the certificate, the Windoor Innovation Award medal and the Best of Best Cup issued by the organizing committee.
2. The award-winning enterprises will be granted permanent free use of the name and VI image of “the 6th China Windoor Facade Innovation Award 2020”, not limited to advertising materials, print advertising, video advertising, etc.
3. The column Windoor Facade Innovation Award from official website of the organizing committee will permanently include the award-winning enterprises, and the exhibition cooperation media will forward publicity for the award-winning enterprises to help them improve their brand awareness.

Previous Award-winning Enterprises

Product Release & Display

If no objection is raised online, the organizing committee will provide the booths of “Innovative Product Collection” in Innovation Hub and the release qualification of “Innovative Product Release Conference” to the award-winning enterprises.

Innovation Hub (Booth of Innovative Product Collection): Maximum visitor flow at Expo, the real estate developers must be present, the buyers look for new trends here, and the organizing committee focuses on its promotion. Innovative Product Release Conference: The most authoritative and recognized new product release platform in the industry, which is endorsed by authoritative experts.

Dispute Disposal

1. In case of any dispute between the participants and the organization or other participants, the dispute shall first be resolved through consultation. If the parties cannot resolve the dispute by themselves, the organizing committee may mediate the dispute. If the mediation fails, the parties shall seek legal solutions by themselves.

2. If any other party raises a dispute over intellectual property rights, the participant shall handle the dispute by himself or herself and bear all legal responsibilities. If the organization is involved in the dispute, all losses caused by the participant shall be borne by the participant.


Matrix Publicity

The Jury (2015-2019)

Chairman of the Judges
Huang Qi Secretary General of China Real Estate and Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Industry Cooperation Alliance
Engineering Design Jury
Liu Dongwei Chief Architect of China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research
Sun Zhou Director of Architectural Curtain Design Consulting Center of China Architecture Design & Research Group
Zhang Li Vice President of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Yang Shichao Vice President of Guangdong Architectural Design and Institute
Meng Qinglin Deputy Director of National Key Laboratory, Subtropical Building Science, South China University of Technology
Wang Shuangjun President of Shenyang YuanDa Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd
Chen Yong Senior Partner of Forster Engineering Consulting Nanjing Co., Ltd.
Chen Jun Director of Creative Center Office of East China Architectural Design & Research Institute of East China Architecture Group
International Jury
Satoshi Ohashi Asia Pacific Director of Zaha Hadid Architects
Paul De Santis Design Partner of Goettsch Partners Architects
Du Peng China Director and Global Academic Coordinator of Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)
Ulrich Sieberath Professor of ift Rosenheim GmbH, the well-known European certification body for system doors and windows
Rudi Scheuermann Worldwide Director of Arup, the Leading Company of Global Facade Design
Helmut Meyer Head of Transsolar Energy Technology in Stuttgart, Germany
Dominic Church Secretary of the Board , German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)
Real Estate Jury
Chen Yin Executive Director, Chief Technology Officer of MoMc
Wei Kun Director of Green Industrialization Center of Technology R&D Department of Greenland Holding Group
Li Bing Chief Procurement Officer of Procurement Supervision Department of TaiKoo Hui President Office
He Xuechun General Manager of Nimble Real Estate Bidding and Procurement
Wang Jing Director of Passive House Institute of Landleaf Construction Technology Co., Ltd.
Qu Xiuhua Cost Purchasing General Manager of Cedar Holdings Group

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