Aluminum Window Door Facade Expo Scouts for Innovation in the German Construction Market


Aluminum Window Door Facade Expo (Windoor Expo in short) has organized a fact-finding mission to BAU Munich 2015. On the 18 January 2015 a small delegation of Windoor Expo travelled to Germany’s leading International Building & Construction Industry trade show: BAU Munich.


Windoor Expo delegation members existed out of the daily management of the expo and relevant industry members. “Our objective is to create a lasting bilateral exchange platform on our Aluminum Window Door Facade Expo, the Building Envelope Solutions & Technology trade show from 18-20 March 2015. We focus on providing better understanding between the demand in China and the German (and international) suppliers side. Our expo mission focuses on meeting building envelope brands and experts”; according to Ms. Xie, Managing Director of Windoor Expo.


The mission was successful. Windoor Expo has had in depth discussions with leading Dutch, German, Italian architects, and also been in talks with industry leaders in machinery, flooring, construction elements, facade module makers, adhesive product innovators and international organizations working in the Building Envelope industry.

Innovations Windoor Expo gathered at BAU consisted of

  •   Facade systems where large window-segments of tower buildings simultaneously open at the same time without complex equipment. All can be regulated via an USB port on the PC. (ESSMAN GROUP)
  •   Clean facades, modular systems where the wall or facade disappears thought the custom-made design patterns of the modules, so there is a clear and clean surface with a uniform and consistent rhythm. Architects can easily compose surfaces that merge, complement each other or create visual contrasts. (RHEINZINK)
  •   Contemporary large window and door design with a strong minimalist character to emphasize the space or create maximum window surfaces (SUDFENSTER, SKY WINDOW)
  •   Solar technology solutions for traditional European ceramic roofs. These boast functionalities such as energy and heath generation. At the same time the solutions reduce installation time and increase construction safety. (NELSKAMP)
  •   Roof watering solutions with contemporary design matching current European architecture styles. Emphasis lies also on the installation efficiency and durability.
  •   Roof windows that turn into balconies and can easily be operated (VELUX)
  •   Metal and glass modular facades, by combining iconic patterns and quality materials, architects can freely combine shapes, materials and window sizes to create their own unique design and facade compositions (SEELE)
  •   Le Corbusier wall paint colours based on the legendary architect “Le Corbusier” (LES COULUERS SUISSE AG)
  •   Reducing sharp corners in modular office walls, by adding rounded corners in both traditional wall elements and glass wall elements. (FECO)
  •   Further automation of home doors and balcony doors, the electro-motors can move large glass doors up to 1,000 kg. (SOLARLUX)
  •   Modular concrete pads, that don't need pre-mixing, but can easily be applied on the stone wall segment and by simply adding water the next segment of stones can be added.

Innovations in high quality window and door manufacture, building and installation efficiency and energy saving solutions were a large part of the new designs at the German market.


In both marketing materials and sales stories a returning portion was the scientific and measurable approach towards energy saving and sustainability. Architects including Ben van Berkel, of the celebrated UN Studio, especially highlighted this. His focus was on innovative materials and creating new design constructions based on these innovative materials and solutions.


For foreign building envelope projects both the demand and regulation integrates with sustainable solutions, design and efficiency.


If you want to know more about our market insights and industry views, please contact us or visit Aluminum Window Door Facade Expo in Guangzhou on 18-20 March 2015.

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