Windoor Facade Expo 2020 Successfully Concluded


The 26th Windoor Facade Expo 2020 has come to a successful conclusion on August 15th, 2020. 664 window door exhibitors showcased more than 23,000 new products in 100,000+ exhibition space. After the impact of the epidemic outbreak, large numbers of new technologies and new products emerged In the market. Joining hands with industrial experts, real estate developers and architectures, Windoor Facade Expo, the most professional new product launchpad for window door facade industries, will as always help exhibitors promote their latest products.

The concurrent event, Architecture & Technology Conference, has brought together more than 2000 professional experts in the architecture industry. Themed “New Architecture, New Real Estate, New Windoor, New Facade”, the three-day conference were packed out whenever the forums start.

Innovation Hub

Windoor Facade Innovation Award always regards Innovativeness as the core standards and promotes the upgrading of the window door industries. This year, we received 586 pieces of new products applications, and after the selection from our judges, 78 won the Windoor Facade Innovation Award. The awarded products were showcase in the Innovation Hub, gaining high recognitions from professional buyers.

New Product Live Broadcast

The original live show “What’s New in Architecture “selects the most innovative products and introduces to all industry peers in a more interesting way, compared with the traditional boring interview. Over the time the live show has gotten more than 200,000 fans likes and become one of the most popular new product references in the architecture industry in China.

Promote New Products

At the Windoor Facade Expo 2020, several live broadcasts were arranged, even the domestic and global visitors who can’t come to the site can watch the latest products of the exhibitors.

General Review of Windoor Facade Expo 2020

Affected by the epidemic, the numbers of professional visitors are 72% of those in the 2019 edition, the online audiences exceeded 350,000.

The visitors are more professional, more visitors are coming with their specific purchase demands, and looking for market trends and new cooperation opportunities.

Exhibitors at Windoor Facade Expo 2020

There are 664 exhibitors showcasing their new products at Windoor Facade Expo 2020. Affected by the epidemic, most of the exhibitors recognized the increasing in the quality of the visitors, even though the quantity decreased.

Buyers at Windoor Facade Expo 2020

The numbers of on-site visitors were 42278, total visits reached 66758.

Architecture & Technology Conference

The Architecture & Technology Conference has not been affected by the epidemic, with the numbers of participants reached 3608, increased by 5% compared with last year.

Awards at Windoor Facade Expo 2020

Windoor Facade Innovtion Award

All new products are carefully selected by industrial experts

Windoor Top 100

Forbes List of Window Door Industries

Part of the Winning Companies in 2019-2020

Live Broadcast at Windoor Facade Expo 2020

The original live show “What’s New in Architecture”, total views exceeded 300,000 times.

Windoor Facade Expo Live

Total views exceeded 350,000

The 27th Windoor Facade Expo will be held on March 11-13, 2021, looking forward to seeing you there.

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