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Austin Window Handle
Date: 2017-01-20

Austin Window Handle is the product of HOPPE (Shanghai) Ltd.,

With Austin, HOPPE offers a window handle series that perfectly fits into a style that is pared down to the essentials – without sacrificing proven technology. With Secustik technology, all variants of the Austin series offer proven basic protection against break-ins, which is further enhanced in the lockable variants with Secustik technology.

The patented Secustik blocking mechanism makes unauthorized displacement of the window fitting from the outside more difficult: a coupling element between the handle and the spindle permits the normal operation of the window handle from the inside, but jams the handle if anyone tries to turn it from the outside by way of the hardware. Secustik protects the locked window handle up to a force of 100 Newton metres from being forcibly turned or ripped off. Variable;

The adjustable spindle developed and patented by HOPPE whose variable spindle length smoothly adapts to the particular depth of the window profile, is also used in the window handles of the Austin Series.