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612 Retractable pleated insect screen
Date: 2017-01-20

Brilet 612 Retractable pleated insect screen, original imported from Australia, has a patented cassette adjustment system, and use a special high-fiber mesh, with high durability, waterproof and UV protection and other features; High-strength fiber rope, horizontal through the openings to keep the screen stability, and using handle to control the vertical direction of mesh, to help to prevent the mesh would be blown out of the track during the gale, the wind load of screen test up to 30kph, the equivalent of wind level-5;

The grid group width is 20mm, and the angle of 45 degrees to increase the stability of screen; Screen is opening along the bottom of the track to start sliding to prevent mosquitoes into the room, when not in use, the screen can be retracted left or right sides , after retracts, the occupation of space is very small, without prejudice to vision.

Screen are used 10 stainless steel wear-resistant precision bearings, this design can be easily integrated the screen into the only 30mm deep U-groove, is the only use of a frameless foldable screen on the market, the life test more than 150,000 times, 5-year warranty. The maximum span of a single fan: H3200mm * W4500mm, double-fan up to width of 9000mm, unobscured, and more secure and simple.