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Expo Introduction

Windoor Expo is the ultimate industry event in China connecting architects, builders, contractors, fabricators, real estate developers and traders. This annual trade fair brings 650+ international manufacturers and suppliers in the window, door and facade industries showcasing 20,000+ leading products across the world.

Global windows and doors demand is projected to advance 4.5% per year to US$ 214 billion in 2021. The US and China will drive demand as they account for 65% of the global sales growth over this period. Increased spending on new office and commercial buildings in China, and the ongoing strength of new home construction in the US will support this demand. These trends are presented in a new study from The Freedonia Group.


To meet the fast-growing demand of windows and doors market in China, Windoor Expo will expand its exhibition space to 100,000 square meters in 2019. The biggest-ever 25th edition will cover two venues: the existing exhibition center, Poly World Trade Center(PWTC) and the recently-added one, Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center(NICEC).

2019 Floorplan

Click the picture above to view the updated 2019 exhibitor list.



Product Range

Hall 1

Floor 1 at PWTC

Hardware & Fittings

Hall 2

Floor 1 at PWTC


Hall 3

Floor 2 at PWTC

Aluminum Profile & Curtain Wall

Hall 4

Floor 2 at PWTC

Aluminum Profile & Curtain Wall


Floor 2 at PWTC

Star Galaxy (Innovation Zone) & International Pavilion

Hall 5

Floor 3 at PWTC

Sealant & Adhesive

Hall 6

Floor 3 at PWTC

Sealant & Adhesive


Floor 3 at PWTC

Sealant & Adhesive

Hall 7

Floor B1at PWTC

Integrated Zone(various exhibits)

Hall 8

Floor 1 at NICEC

Window & Door

Hall 9

Floor 2 at NICEC

New Building Technology

Hall 10

Floor 3 at NICEC

Conference & Workshop

2019 Highlights

- The biggest-ever edition will bring together 700 international and local exhibitors (click to view the 2019 list) showcasing 23,000+ products and solutions.
- The newly-added window & door sector will present the latest products of window door system, new type of window door, smart window door, fire-rated window door, energy-efficient window door, sun shading, and many more to unveil the trends for new offices and commercial buildings in China.
- Exhibitors from France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Turkey, and ASEAN regions will form an International Pavilion at the Star Galaxy(Innovation Zone) exhibiting the cutting-edge technologies across the world.
- The new formula of “1 Badge 2 Venues” will enable visitors to view and compare the latest products and solutions on a comprehensive construction supply chain.
- It takes just 1 minute by Free Shuttle Bus running between two exhibition centers of Windoor Expo 2019. Visitors can source products and meet with business partners quickly and efficiently.

Expo Dates & Opening Hours

4 March 2019   09:30 to 17:00   Monday

5 March 2019   09:00 to 17:00   Tuesday

6 March 2019   09:00 to 17:00   Wednesday

Venue & Address

Poly World Trade Center 

No. 1000, XinGang Dong Road, Guangzhou 

Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center

No. 636, XinGang Dong Road, Guangzhou 

How to get a badge?

Windoor Expo is open to the public. The admission is free of charge, but visitor registration is required.

Visitors are recommended to complete the online registration and obtain an e-badge prior to the expo.