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Product : Smart telescopic mobile canopy

Company Profile : Shenzhen Qin Tai wantong engineering co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the glass curtain wall system, intelligent roof translation system, bailey metal roofing system in Germany, the German AROTS decorative metal net system, Germany SKY - FRAME hidden sliding glass door system, smart skylights translation system, smart blinds system, intelligent ventilation shutters, fixed shutter system, fire smoke exhaust heat control system, intelligent window drive control system, heavy intelligent automatic door system and smoke control system and the like. It also includes UN-SOLAR integrated circuits, monocrystalline silicon, SOLAR cells, etc. Companies to provide design, manufacture, installation, integration services, professional to provide intelligent building Windows and doors curtain wall shading system integration products, smoke and its related system of import and export, to (VANTONE wantong) to promote our system. The companys product system specially introduces European mature technology, and has technical support center in France, providing project design technical support. The company has set up 3000 square meters production base in foshan city, complete set of imported automatic processing equipment, and provide deep processing and supporting services for aluminum alloy and other mechanical products. We have a cooperative processing base in Beijing, Shanghai, xi an and wuhan in mainland China, which can provide the nearest mechanical processing facilities. We have long cooperated with international famous brands, such as Siemens, omron, Johnson, honeywell, SEW, GTI, etc. Long-term cooperative relationship ensures the timely supply of products and better after-sales service, and has cooperated with European enterprises for many years to provide OEM and ODM services, and exported products to Europe and the americas. Our products have long been used in gymnasium, airport, exhibition center, grand theatre, transportation hub, office building, luxury villa, etc. Kunming new international airport terminal, shenzhen traffic hub in daya bay nuclear power station, shenzhen western corridor inspection building, shangri-la hotel, wuhan sports college gymnasium, shenzhen, xi an city the door of the office building, guangzhou opera house adopt the products of our company. My company as a professional intelligent doors and Windows curtain shade system integrators and shenzhen high-tech enterprises, will provide efficient and perfect engineering solutions, contributing to the world environmental protection and energy saving his own strength.

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