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Brands : Guang Ya Aluminium, Guang Ya Doors & Windows, Guang Ya Aluminium Formwork, Guang Yin Aluminium

Product : aluminum profile; aluminum construction profiles; aluminum industrial profiles; solar pv components; aluminum frames; formwork; aluminum mounting systems

Company Profile : Guangya Aluminum Co,. Ltd. (Guangya) was established in 1996. Aiming to offer the best building aluminum materials for the modernized buildings, the founders found the company and its brand “Guangya Aluminum”. After years of the striving, Guangya has become one of the largest scale aluminum profiles manufacturers. Guangya Aluminum is providing wide range of products like building profiles, building Formwork, and the other industrial profiles such as solar power industry, electrics industry and furniture industry. As the building profiles market thrived, Guangya Aluminum grown rapidly. In 2007, Guangya Aluminum set up another huge manufacturing base in Sanshui District, Foshan City. Nowadays, Guangya Aluminum have became a world famous modern aluminum manufacturer, owning factories that over 620,000m2 (Nanhai Base 260,000m2 and Sanshui Base 360,000m2), total property over 2 billion RMB, 4000 employees, and total annual production capacity over 300,000 tons of aluminum profile. Guangya Aluminum own 63 producing lines from 450 to 4000 tons, 7 coating lines, 8 anodizing lines, 6 insulation lines, and 200 other crucial machines. And most of machines are from branded manufacturers around the globe.

Address : Bai-sha Bridge Guangyao ShiShanTown, Nanhai District, Foshan City, GuangDong Province, , PR.China

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Countries & Regions Represented : 中国

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Phone : 86-4008893338

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